• Strategic thinker with an analytic and creative mindset.
  • Marketing professional focused on strategy, research & business development.
  • Data collection, processing, interpretation of the results to the customer projection of high-level experience in all research areas.
  • Especially Potential Study in HoReCa & Business Units with projection to the universe in 5 Metropol Cities, market segmentations and RTM modelling.


Senior Client Consultant May 2010 – Present- IPSOS KMG

Managing FMCG ad-hoc projects as a group leader of research team.

  • Designing appropriate market research solutions for clients with all experience in Marketing Science Leader.
  • Coordination and execution of quantitative marketing research value added activities for the clients and providing consultancy to the clients based on research outcomes.
  • Development of infrastructure (introduction of certain global Ipsos products) and sales strategies / business plans for sectoral growth of the company especially in shopping behaviour for fmcg sector.

Member of Ipsos KMG Innovation Champions TeamJan 2011 – Present

  • Integrating technology into research projects.
  • Integrating Eye Tracking technology into research methodolgies.
  • Extending and increasing the awareness of new products.
  • Integrating technologic equipments into research methodologies, leading intercorporate training and support activities.


Member of Ipsos KMG Social Media CommitteeApril 2012 – Present

Marketing Science Leader – Sep 2008 – May 2010 – IPSOS KMG

Managing FMCG ad-hoc projects as a group leader of research team. Implementing globally used models for local market, developing new businesses and models. Working as a consultant rather than a researcher. Managing, reporting and presenting research projects. Specialization in volumetric researches, shopper research and sales network performance management.

  • Project management in model based ad-hoc  studies.
  • Strategic consultancy and support for Key Account Clients.
    • Maintaining and developing strategic business partnerships with both existing and potential global and national clients.
    • Developing and designing appropriate market research solutions for clients, based on the approaches that are best suited to meet their needs.
    • Managing overall project profitability.
    • Going beyond research work, and implementing recommendations founded with research findings for fast and effective market reach based on the specific, urgent needs of clients.
    • Responsibilities include writing proposals and project set up, managing timelines, preparing questionnaires and survey samples, reviewing project data deliverables, monitoring field progress as well as preparing reports, client presentations, appropriate marketing recommendations and conclusions.
  • Interim Senior Group Leader for Retail Measurment Client Services (Sep 2008-Feb 2009).

Operations Group Leader – Aug 2003 – Sep 2008 – IPSOS KMG

To establish and develeop operations unit for retail measurement department. Assigning job definitions of positions, preparing procedures for work processes and coordination of business units. Managing projects cost effectively. Leading production team.

  • Managed and helped building data collection systems.
  • Modelling and operating production systems.
  • Coordinatinated and managed report production.

Operations Part Time Analyst – Aug 2002 – Aug 2003 – AC Nielsen

  • Played key role in Retail Measurment panel census project and designed the sample of the retail panel.
  • Forecasting and supporting monthly retail measurment panel universe.
  • Designed the retail panel reports and developed the product hierarchy in the reports.


Sector Experience

  • Eye Tracking Studies : 

Eye tracking is a research method determines what part of an scene/ advertisement/ shelf/ packaging/ web page/ publication layout consumers look at (thus draw attention or interest), by tracking the pattern of their eye movements.While shoppers are browsing in shopping environments, these glasses help to gain insights into their behavior and personal experiences. As a result, the user behaves more naturally giving the data a much higher level of validity.

  • Shopper Research Studies :

Analyzing shoppers’ profile, shopping missions in addition to varying attitudes and behaviors in different retailer types as well as impact of in store materials on shoppers’ decision making process. Understanding decision making process during the actual purchasing operation based on pre and post purchase shopper behavior in the related category at a selected channel. Analyzing the interaction and conversion rates through shelf, secondary display and other available in-store communication tools. Understanding how shoppers decide when purchasing .

  • Usage & Attitude Studies.
  • Blind Test studies.
  • Other Ad-hoc studies (pre-post test, understanding potential & contribution, segmentation).
  • Large Scale B2B Research Studies:
    • Potential Study of 14 categories in Businness Units and HoReCa with projections to the universe of 5 Metropol Cities.
    • Atwork : Potential Study of all hot and cold beverages in Business Units with projection to the universe in 5 Metropol Cities, market segmentations and basic RTM modelling.
  • Satisfaction Studies

Measuring retailers’/customers’ satisfaction from the specified manufacturers in relative terms (brand image, promotions, competency of sales team, trade support, order & delivery and product related issues) and extend the level of satisfaction through better understanding of needs and wants.

    • Sales System Entegration Research.
    • Omnibus – Retailer Satisfaction Research with a Turkey traditional retailer representative sample.
    • Customer Satisfaction Research with a Turkey representative sample
  • Census project  and segmentation
    • Home Textile Full Scale Census in 10 major Cities (2010)
    • On Trade Census in Coastal Turkey (2008)
    • On Trade Sample Area Census in Bursa, Adana (2007)
    • On Trade Full Scale Census in İstanbul, İzmir, Ankara (2005)
  • Providing key analysis:

Pricing, Promotion Planning and Merchandasing Strategy.

Exceptional experience in continuous research projects; tracking and trend studies.

  • Test Market studies in retails .
  • On Trade Volume Panel and Panel Analysis.
  • Large Scale Distribution Tracking in 81 Provinces with 18.000 retailers

Measuring and reporting performance of producer’s sales area.

  • Sales network performance management:

Daily data collection and reporting. Continous tracking of all sales team performances in retailers and on trade. Designing the scoring system.

  • Ready to Wear Panel and Panel Analysis :

Referred report tracks market development, performances of brands and stores through Household Index data.

Contributed to the Modelling & Analysis of several Adhoc and Continious  Measurement Studies.


  • IPSOS KMG Success Award : Omnibus – 2011 : Successful set-up reporting.
  • IPSOS KMG Success Award : CCI (Coca-Cola Icecek) – 2009 Atwork project. With this project CCI Turkey won the best practice award. Besides, this project implemented globally in other countries.
  • IPSOS KMG Success Award : CCI – 2008 Merchandising Project. High client satisfaction
  • IPSOS KMG success Award : CCI – 2007 Merchandising Project. Successful set-up in daily data collection and reporting. With this project CCI Turkey won best practice award. This project currently shown as the best practice of scoring system in other countries.

This research has just won an award for Coca-Cola Bottlers of Turkey which will be presented in Atlanta during a special ceremony, recognizing Ipsos’ contribution to this success in September 2010.  The aim of the project is to track product availability and merchandising standards performance by outlet and sales regions breakdowns. The field auditors are equipped with hand held terminals to enable daily report delivery. The research has recently expanded to Kazakhistan and Pakistan. It will soon be expanded in Azerbaijan, Iraq,  Kyrgyzstan, Jordan and more in the coming year according to client feedback.

  • RI success Award – 2004, On-Trade panel project: Successfull set-up and effective working whilst panel set-up


  • Kadir Has Univ., Social Media Marketing Certificate  Prg. 2011Feb

Introduction to Social Media Communications; Corporate Communications & Social Media Ethic; Conventional PR & Social Media Communications; CRM; Social CRM; Project Management; Seeding; Customer / Agency Relationship Management; Time Management; Design; Monitoring; Brand 2.0 & Dialogue 2.0; Blogs, Bloggers & Blogging; Event Management; Online Reputation Management; Community Building & Management; Social Gaming; Social Media Policy & Strategies; Integrated Marketing Communications; Social Media SEO; Social Entrepreneurship; Video Editing; Social Commerce; Mobile Social Media; Experience 2.0; Law 2.0; Web 3.0 or Semantic Web

  • İstanbul Yıldız Technical University, Statistics, 1998
  • İstanbul Yıldız Technical University, English Prep Class, 1997
  • İstanbul Erenköy Kız Lisesi, 1991

Professional Training

  • E-Campus on IPSOS Training
  • Shopper Research – Fabio Martins – Ipsos Global Knowledge Centre Director
  • Client Managment – Sinerji
  • Presentation Skills – Sinerji
  • KMG Academy


  • Excellent MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint
  • SQL
  • SPSS
  • IS-Viewer, Icubes, Icubes-Online, Qlibrarian (Ipsos KMG)

Birth Date : 09.04.1980 … I am Aries 🙂


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